Welcome To Instagram, Diane Kruger

Welcome To Instagram, Diane Kruger

The fabulous Ms Kruger has opened the social media door into her life…

If, like us, you're longterm fans of Diane Kruger's style (and also just a touch envious of her blessed life with long-time heartthrob Joshua Jackson), then you'll no doubt be pleased to hear that the actress has broken her social media silence and joined Instagram.

That's right, the Hollywood star and fashion icon has begun posting pictures of her super-stylish life, and we already know that Ms Kruger's account is one we're going to be following closely for styling tips to steal, and also to just make us feel more than a little bit envious of her general existence. We're suckers for that kind of thing.



So...since Germany won the WorldCup, I decided to throw a German themed party for all of the amazing Bridge Crew...I bought a Dirndl...not sure what look Josh went for..but hey

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It's only been active for a couple of days, but already Diane has succeeded in both of the above by filling her feed with beautiful fresh-faced selfies and cute pictures of her and her beau, Josh. Oh, and it looks like she's the owner of a pretty hilarious cat, too.

So if you want indulge in a  little bit of light celebrity stalking, and get a real peek into the lives of this pair, then we suggest you follow her now...

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