25 Celebs Who Don't Get Enough Likes On #ManCrushMonday

25 Celebs Who Don't Get Enough Likes On #ManCrushMonday

There's no right or wrong when it comes to true lust... (According to Team InStyle)

Everyone's got an unusual celebrity crush. There's usually a pattern that emerges — tall and uber skinny, rotund and follically challenged, old-timers.

I saw a picture of Peter Capaldi and thought: he's got a certain je ne sais quoi, so thought it would be pretty excellent to find out who Team InStyle secretly has the hots for... (And the ensuing email thread was pretty much the best ever, even though — arguably — some aren't that weird.)

Here are our unusual dream +1s (and Alicia Vikander)...

Suzannah Ramsdale, digital editor

Sadiq Khan. He says he's been mistaken for George Clooney before, and I can see why...'

Elise Hall, producer and bookings editor

'I love Chris Martin but not sure if thats odd!!!'

Josh Newis-Smith, shopping editor

'Gary Oldman, Ed Harris, Michael Keaton, Lewis Hamilton, Tony Blair (circa when he was Heat Torso Of The Week)…'

Arabella Greenhill, fashion director

'Jack Dee.'

George Driver, beauty writer

'Adrien Brody mainly.'

Isabella Silvers, digital assistant

'Miles Teller, post Whiplash. Josh Homme. Miles Kane. Alex Turner.'

Amie-Jo Locke, acting digital editor

'Sean Bean. Even the O2 ads make me a bit wobbly... Jay from 5ive.'

Georgia Allen, junior designer

'Thranduil from LOTR. (Lee Pace) Especially him in 'The Fall' film. No one else agrees with this.'

Jamie Spence, deputy picture editor

'Always had a tiny burning candle for Martin Freeman…'

Hannah Rochell, fashion features editor

'Bill Nighy. And I know I'm not the only one!!'

Madalin Pirvu, video producer

'I could love the hell out of Alicia Vikander! Not unusual but I’m hoping she hears and wonder who said it.'

Nick Spensley, executive fashion director


Niki Browes, associate editor

'James Gandolfini.'

Emily Dean, deputy editor

'Vince Cable.'

Rebecca Gillam (me), digital writer

'Peter Capaldi (as he's got the most expressive face in the WORLD), Adrian Brody (if we’re calling that strange), Ralph Fiennes (which I don’t think is strange at all but if we’re saying Adrian is). So mostly tall, skinny English men…'

Who's yours?

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