Organising A Wedding? We Asked A Professional Planner For Her Tips

Organising A Wedding? We Asked A Professional Planner For Her Tips

Got a wedding to plan and not sure where to start? Here are some tips from a pro...

Just started planning your wedding and feeling the stress? We asked the Founder and Creative Director of Quintessentially Weddings, Caroline Villamizar Duque, for her expert tips on everything from the dress to the drinks. 

The dress

"Comfort is hugely important. The dress the bride picks should take into account factors like the location and whether (for example) the bride loves to dance. Think about the style which best suits your body type - rather than what you think you should be wearing - and the right fabric for the climate." 

Decorating the venue

"This should reflect a blend of the bride and groom's tastes and provide a comfortable and inviting space environment for guests. Good lighting is of the utmost importance and is often overlooked – in a venue such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, for example, uplighting the pillars and architecture transforms the space and accentuates its natural beauty."

The menu 

"Old fashioned expectations of a formal wedding breakfast are long gone. If your favourite meal is bangers and mash then serve that! With so many international clients we are accustomed to all manner of requests: eight course sushi menus, traditional Persian dishes, and the modern day health conscious vegan selections, catering teams are increasingly creative in meeting all requirements." 

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The drinks 

"Again this should reflect the bride and groom. Favourite wines or cocktails should feature - these features are what make the wedding personal to them. I like the idea of Mr & Mrs signature cocktails served at an open bar – the bride and groom’s favourites - give a nice personal touch."

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In the run-up to the day, don't forget to…


2) Voice any worries you have with your planner or bridesmaids so that they can be addressed. 

3) Remember this is a celebration of love bringing together the most valued people in your life - be present in that moment. 

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