Pass The Tissues: 11 Of The Best Wedding Movies (To Get Your Nuptials On)

Pass The Tissues: 11 Of The Best Wedding Movies (To Get Your Nuptials On)

Naww, you guys...

Wedding movies are the best aren't they?

It’s offish wedding season, and we’re in the mood for some serious romance (and fancy canapés).

Guests have sorted lifts and matched shoes to outfits. Bridesmaids are WhatsApping like crazy (‘are you wearing tights?!’), and the poor bride is probably working herself up into silly stages of pre-ceremony stress.

Listen guys, let’s all take a moment, and… breathe. To get us in the mood for what’ll probably be THE greatest day of your life (insert custom wedding #), let’s take a moment to appreciate all the very best wedding movies and moments out there for our collective viewing pleasure.

Come on, because everyone loves a good weepie/fuzzy moment, here are our fave wedding films like, ever.

Pass the tissues…

1. My Best Friend's Wedding

The film that gave Julia Roberts license to behave like a total rotter, My Best Friend's Wedding was the flick with probs one of the best impromptu flash mob singing scenes EVER (props to Rupert Everett #MaleBFFGoals).


2. Bride Wars

Lesson here is, NEVER mess with Anne Hathaway...


3. Four Weddings and a Funeral

An absolute floppy-haired Hugh Grant classic, Four Weddings set the bar pretty high when it came to nailing the perfect wedding flick. Plus, the rain/kissing scene? Swoon.


4. The Wedding Singer

Yep the one with the killer '80s soundtrack, The Wedding Singer was a bona fide classic back when Adam Sandler was actually quite funny. Also, anything featuring Drew Barrymore and a (fanstatic) Boy George lookalike was always going to get the total thumbs up from us. AND, best opening credits ever. See below...


5. The Wedding Planner

Oh the golden days of noughties J. Lo... Also featuring the rather dishy Matthew McConaughey in a romantic lead (of which he's done many...)



6. Muriel's Wedding

The Aussie classic starring the wonderful Toni Collette as ABBA-obsessed and socially awkward Muriel had to make our list. Our fave scene? See below...


7. Wedding Crashers

Told from the lads perspective, Wedding Crashers totally made us think twice about pulling guys at the reception disco...


8. 27 Dresses

Oh that dreaded phrase 'always the...'


9. Runaway Bride

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere reunite post-Pretty Woman for this '90s romp. Oh Jules'...


10. Mamma Mia!

Who knew Meryl could sing? And sing ABBA? Brilliant.


11. Bridesmaids

How could we not?


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