Wedding Decoration Ideas: 14 Affordable Ways To Make Your Venue Look Stylish

Wedding Decoration Ideas: 14 Affordable Ways To Make Your Venue Look Stylish

How to make everything else look as beautiful as your dress...

1) Balloons are the new bunting

This is one of our favourite wedding decoration ideas. But just so we're clear, we don't mean tacky ceiling nets or clusters of little tear-shaped helium balloons - this isn't 1998 - but rather big, elegant, opaque (and most crucially) round balloons, preferably ones with handmade paper tassels dangling down.

Match the tassels to your flower scheme and position them floating above the tables, weighted either side of the entrance or even as a prop in your photos. You'll literally be wowing your guests with a whole lot of air. The brilliant Bubblegum Balloons are the best people to try for this.

2) Try bunting in metallics 

Bunting isn't a new wedding decoration idea, but it normally has quite a pretty twee country vibe (and there's nothing wrong with that if it's your thing) but if you want a slightly different feel try gold or silver to give your venue a bit of disco shimmer.

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3) Or make your own tassells

A feature wall or arch of tassels will make your marquee or venue entrance look amazing. We love the idea of mixing up peachy pastel shades with silver and white. If you want to make them by hand, Pinterest has loads of great wedding decoration how-tos, plus buying a lot of coloured paper is cheap as chips. 

4) Cover an old ladder with flowers and fairy lights 

This is a good alternative to those large formal flower arrangements you see at the entrance to a marquee or wedding venue. Beg, borrow or steal an old wooden ladder and cover it with jam jars, fairy lights and greenery for a rustic look.

5) Find an illustrator for your table signs

It's worth hiring a professional illustrator to do your wedding table signs if you can (we love the work of up-and-coming artist Dee Andrews). If you can't afford to do that then prevail upon an artistic friend to do them for you - a hand drawn sign will always look softer with the flowers on your table.

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6) Swap white for taupe tablecloths

White can actually look quite stark on a table - taupe or grey cloths will make your wedding venue look warmer and more chic, especially if your flowers have a fresh white, cream and green colour scheme. If you're going for a brightly coloured or printed cloth, stick to white flowers or pick out a colour from the cloth and match it to one of the flowers in the vases to tie your wedding decoration scheme together. 

7) Fill mason jars with portable fairy lights

This is a cool wedding decoration idea alternative to the old candles in the jam jars trick. Also, because they're waterproof you can stick them along pathways outside even if it's raining.

8) Make pretty place settings with apothecary bottles 

You can buy small green glass dropper bottles in bulk for around 30p each from a good aromatherapy website. Fill them with cuttings of a small flower that can survive for a while without water (to save you filling up each bottle which can be a fiddle). Chamelaucium (commonly known as wax flower) in the picture below is a pretty, affordable choice. Then just pop in a wire pin card holder with a small luggage label in it - again you can buy both of these both in bulk really cheaply - and you'll have a really pretty place setting. 

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9) Make a wedding family tree 

Bring a bit of personal family history to your wedding day by making your own 'family tree' - fill mistmatched charity shop frames with parents / grandparents / great-grandparents wedding photos and hang them up for guests to look at. If the weather is good and you're getting married in a garden you could attached them to an actual tree, otherwise create your own indoor tree with willow branches. 

10) Present your cake without tiers

There are loads of ways to mix it up, we like the idea of putting each layer on a piece of wood for a bit of a Midsummer Night's Dream vibe. Use a circle of greaseproof paper to prevent sawdust soaking into the icing. 

Or try something simple and informal and go for a stacked 'naked' wedding cake topped with flowers: 

11) Swap fairy for festoon lights 

These give off a softer, warmer glow than fairy lights - and you'll need less of them. You can buy / hire a string at a relatively low cost. 

The ones below fall into our 'money no object' wedding decoration category - but we can dream can't we?

12) Give a cheap splash of colour with paper pom poms

These are an inexpensive way to fill your venue with colour. You can make them yourself - again there are loads of good DIY tips on Pinterest - or if you don't have time buy some cheaply online. Pick colours which fit in with your flowers and tablecloths. 

You could also try mixing them in with colourful paper laterns (bottom right): 

13) Decorate the bride and groom's chairs

The chic modern version of those thrones Posh and Becks had on their wedding day in the late nineties. Wrap faux flowers or tassells around the bride and groom's chair to make their seats stand out. 

14) If in doubt, steal wedding decoration ideas from the fashion instagrammers

If there's anything fashion bloggers and girls-about-town do a lot of, it's stylish parties - and they tend to post all the chicest details on Instagram. A quick scroll through the accounts of your favourite fashion ladies will bring you all the up-to-the-minute wedding decor inspiration you need. Like so...




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