Watch The Victoria's Secret Angels Play A Spot Of American Football

Intro Deck: 

The Angels have replaced their wings with football gear ahead of the Super Bowl

The Victoria's Secret Angels have swapped the catwalk for the football pitch in their latest video, which sees them playing a spot of American football together. And while those overly loud grunts might have been edited in, don't underestimate the physical prowess of these ladies – they are athletes after all. Did you see the last VS show? You don't get abs like that from just sitting about.

So, have the Angels just created their own team? Well, not quite. The video is a teaser of the commercial they'll be showing during the Super Bowl on February 1. Although we have a hunch they'll be wearing something a little more comfortable (and revealing) in the full advert than the giant shoulder pads and headgear they are in the teaser.

Watched by 111.5 MILLION people, the Super Bowl commercial is seen by a helluva lot of people. In fact, in 2008 – the last time the Angels shot a commercial for the interval in the game – it was the most watched TV ad ever.


Making the most of the opportunity, the VS ladies are, of course, plugging Valentine's Day. So we expect our US girlfriends might be receiving some Victoria's Secret underwear this February 14th. Well, it could be worse...

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