WATCH: Sex and the City 2 Costume Special

WATCH: Sex and the City 2 Costume Special

Sex and the City 2 is out on DVD on Monday, so we go behind-the-scenes as Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristen Stewart and Cynthia Nixon talk about going back to the 80s...

We were distraught when SATC’s Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte left our screens, but lucky for us the creators treated us to two more feature length instalments of fashion-packed, cocktail-fuelled adventures, and now our treasured SATC DVD collection will finally be complete as the second film hits shops on Blue Ray and DVD on Monday.

The second film from Carrie and the girls sees them head off to Abu Dhabi for a break from the big city, and a certain Mr Big, and while their desert chic is enough to make any girl envious, it was their 80s transformations that we really wanted to see.

Watch the video to catch the fab foursome talk about how it felt going back in time and dressing up Flash Dance-style...

By Hayley Spencer

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