WATCH: New TWILIGHT sequel clip!

WATCH: New TWILIGHT sequel clip!

SEE an extended Twilight teaser, and look out for an exclusive clip of Stephenie Meyer's New Moon at the MTV Video Music Awards!

An exclusive trailer for the hotly-anticipated Twilight sequel New Moon will premier on 13 September.

Twilight stars, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Tayor Lautner, will appear on the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards to debut an exclusive clip of the sequel, Twilight: New Moon.

Summit Entertainment have kept fans eagerly awaiting the second film with a steady supply of new posters and movie clips since the airing of the first trailer at the MTV Movie Awards earlier this year.

Also coming out on the day of the show will be the first single from the New Moon soundtrack, Death Cab for Cutie tune Meet Me on the Equinox.

Meanwhile, filming for the third installment of Stephenie Meyer's supernatural series Eclipse is currently filming in Vancouver under new director David Slade.

Both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will return for the film while Bryce Dallas Howard, Jack Huston and Xavier Samuel are among new cast members.

New Moon is set for general release on November 27, but if you want a mini-fix right now check out this extended trailer featuring an interview with Taylor Lautner's hunky werewolf character Jacob Black.

By Georgie Hindle


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