WATCH: Kim Kardashian Predicts Her Starry Future At Just 13-Years-Old

WATCH: Kim Kardashian Predicts Her Starry Future At Just 13-Years-Old

'When I'm famous you'll remember me as this beautiful little girl...'

Kim Kardashian has so many talents, doesn't she? Not only is she a fashion designer and the star of her own reality TV series but she has also developed a multi-million pound App and manages to squeeze her curvy figure into some of the tightest dresses and skirts known to man (a struggle we know all too well right, ladies?). 

Now, however, it looks like she can add clairvoyant to her already buldging CV as this amazing throwback video proves... 

The star, who celebrated her 34th birthday this week, can be seen in this newly released, home-video footage from 1994 in which a then 13-year-old Kim rather remarkably predicts her very famous future. 

The retro clip, brought to light by US celeb mecca Entertainment Tonight, was filmed at Kim’s eighth grade graduation and looks just at ease in front of the hand-held camera as she does today on her Keeping Up With The Kardashian's TV series.

Talking directly to the camera, Kim laughs as she asks: ‘Is anyone getting a tape of this? I hope you do, because when you see me – when I'm famous and old – you'll remember me as this beautiful little girl!’

Kim, who is clad in an oriental-style satin dress –  yep, we all remember that questionable trend – goes on to describe the meaning of the cool-associated term 'dope' as, well, herself as she explains: 'Dope is Kim!’

And it seems like nothing has changed for the star, as this tweet sent from her husband Kanye West on her birthday proves...

So, there you have it; some people are just meant to be famous. And dope, obvs. 

Check out the full home video of Kim Kardashian below and see Kim's ultimate #TBT for yourselves... 

By Maxine Eggenberger

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