WATCH: Jennifer Aniston sing on Ellen!

WATCH: Jennifer Aniston sing on Ellen!

Jennifer Aniston sings I’ve Got a Crush on You on Ellen show

Jennifer Aniston was left ‘mortified’ after Ellen DeGeneres asked her to sing live on her show.

After revealing that she was learning to sing and play a dobro on Ellen’s chat show, the cheeky host whipped out a microphone and asked Jen to show off her vocals.

‘They promised me you wouldn’t do this,’ Aniston said, obviously squirming. But being the good sport that she is, Jen stepped up to the plate and sang a few lines from George Gershwin’s I’ve Got a Crush on You.

Immediately after, poor Jen laughed: ‘They promised me you wouldn’t do this to me!’

And the talk show host – who’s just been named the new judge on American Idol – even joked: ‘I would put you through to the next round.’

Ellen also asked after Jen’s love life, noting: ‘They're always saying you're devastated. You don't look devastated.’

Aniston responded: ‘I know. I don't know how I get that end of the story every time.

‘I have to talk to those people ... that are writing up those stories.’

She then joked that it was her former boyfriends who should be cast as the devastated ones in the gossip pages.

‘Yeah, change it around,’ DeGeneres said to applause. ‘They're getting the raw end of the deal losing her. What's wrong with people?’

Hear, hear!


By Ruth Doherty


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