Watch Jennifer Aniston In The Full Trailer For Cake

The actress has undergone a serious make-under for her role in new movie Cake – and has garnered a lot of Oscar buzz in the process


Jennifer Aniston may be busy on the promotional tour for her movie Horrible Bosses 2, but the only film that anyone really wants to ask her about is one that has only just had a trailer released: Cake.

Cake is a curveball for Jen, who since her Friends days has dominated the romcom scene (save for a turn in indie flick The Good Girl in 2002) with feelgood films such Along Came Polly and The Switch.  Although Cake may manage to conjure a few wry laughs, it's otherwise pretty short on the com, as well as on the rom.

Jennifer plays Claire Simmons, a woman suffering from chronic pain, and a chronic addiction to prescription painkillers, after being involved in a car accident which results in a major bereavement. As we said, it's not exactly Marley & Me.

The 45-year-old actress underwent a dramatic make-under for the film, replacing her trademark glossy golden highlights with lank, mousy brown 'do and leaving her face free of make-up apart from that used to create the scars her character Claire sustains in the crash.

The result? Think Charlize Theron in Monster and you're on the right track. In fact, critics think this film could do for Jennifer what Magic Mike did for Matthew McConaughey. Unsurprising then that the film has garnered serious Oscar buzz. If there's anyone we want to see with an Oscar nomination, it's Jennifer…

By Olivia Marks


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