WATCH Eva Longoria and Tony Parker recreate Grease song!

WATCH Eva Longoria and Tony Parker recreate Grease song!

See Eva Longoria and hubby Tony channel Danny and Sandy

Eva Longoria and hubby Tony Parker have got into the fun Christmas spirit - and dressed up as Danny Zuko and Sandy fro Grease to recreate the film's most famous song, Summer Nights.

The Desperate Housewife and basketball player Tony made the video over the Christmas holidays to promote a competition to meet them at one of his NBA games for the San Antonio Spurs early next year.

The fun-loving couple recruited some friends and sported 50s-style clothes to perform the spoof version of the high school-based musical's most-loved song.

Parker said they chose to emulate John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John because Grease is Eva's favourite film. He then invited people to make their own spoof for a chance to go and see him in action on the basketball court.

He said: 'My wife and I, we did a little video. Now it's your job to do the best video you can. It has to be a comedy, you have to wear a costume and you have to do a lip-sync.'

A expected, Eva was super-cute in her daisy-yellow swing dress and peroxide-blonde wig.


Celebs with a sense of humour - we love it!

By Ruth Doherty

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