WATCH: Eat Pray Love interview with Julia Roberts

WATCH: Eat Pray Love interview with Julia Roberts

Find out what went on behind the scenes of Eat Pray Love plus what Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem have to say about finding love in Bali

In one of the year's biggest releases so far, Pretty Woman Julia Roberts turns globe-trotter, as she plays author Liz Gilbert on a quest for self-discovery as she travels across Italy, India and Indonesia - of course there's plenty of romance along the way too!

The filming process was a whirlwind five months, which Julia reveals was a huge 'time, travel and performance commitment' that meant seeing very little of her family.

But there were plenty of pros to immersing herself in the culture of the stunning locations, not least the food.


'We'd shoot all day and eat all day and then we'd go out and eat some more,' reveals director Ryan Murphy.

As well as plenty of local cuisine, the film sees Elizabeth sample a few of the men on offer in her travel spots, but as her final on-set love interest, Javier Bardem reveals, it isn't your typical fairytale romance:

'When they first meet they're scared of each other. It's like being in school - you talk to everyone but the girl you like.'

For more of the inside scoop watch the video above

By Hayley Spencer



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