Watch Daniel Craig In The New Bond Teaser Trailer for Spectre

Watch Daniel Craig In The New Bond Teaser Trailer for Spectre

It’s not set to be released until later this year but, 25 films in, the team behind Bond prove again how well versed they are in keeping us hooked with this latest teaser trailer

Dark. Dangerous. Suggestive. Sexy. Unstoppable. And that’s just the theme tune [according to David Arnold, the film composer behind the iconic James Bond opening song.] Still, the same words could easily be applied to Daniel Craig’s smouldering version of Bond, whom we get to see again in this sneak preview of the new teaser trailer to the next Bond instalment, Spectre. Tease it does – it’s certainly not giving much away, that’s for sure. However, we do learn via Eve Moneypenny (Naomie Harris, speaking in particularly clipped English tones) that Bond is hiding a secret. When he holds up a picture of a family - with the edges burned away and the man’s face completely obliterated - you conclude it’s of a personal nature. But before we can guess further, he’s moodily jetting off to some far flung land, no doubt to hunt down the evil organisation otherwise known as Spectre...

Daniel Craig aside, we’re most excited for the new Bond flick to see Monica Bellucci, who we predict will majestically pull off being a Bond woman. You get a glimpse of her in this trailer  - it’s a somber vibe – but we’re expecting her to ramp up the glamour factor and be every inch as dark, dangerous, suggestive, sexy and unstoppable as Bond himself.

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