WATCH: Angelina Jolie in Salt!

WATCH: Angelina Jolie in Salt!

Check out Angelina Jolie as she turns female Jason Bourne in her brand new thriller, Salt

In Salt we get to see Angelina Jolie sporting a blonde hairstyle, and, true to form, doing many of her own stunts… Throw in an action-packed plot and a sprinkling of steamy scenes and Salt has all the ingredients to become one of the heavy-hitting blockbusters of the summer.


The hotly-anticipated Salt stars the stunning Jolie as Evelyn Salt, a CIA officer on a mission to clear her name after being accused of being a Russian sleeper spy.

Interestingly, the lead character Salt was originally a man, with Tom Cruise tipped to play the role. At the eleventh hour screenwriters redrafted the script, Edwin Salt became Evelyn Salt and Jolie took on the part. The film also stars Liev Schreiber and reunites Angelina with her Bone Collector director Phillip Noyce.

If like us you just can't wait to see this thriller take a peek at the trailer now!

By Sarah Statman


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