Want Olivia Palermo's Hair? Her Stylist Shows You How...

Want Olivia Palermo's Hair? Her Stylist Shows You How...
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Getting Olivia Palermo's enviable hair at home has just became a reality as the master behind the glossiest 'do in fashion reveals the secrets behind her locks

Olivia Palermo has it all, doesn't she? Amazing fashion sense, a gorgeous hubby, a career that just won't quit and the most lust-worthy hair imaginable. Now, luckily for us, we can have one of those things for ourselves...

No, sadly it's not Johannes Huebl but her hair as her favourite hairdresser, Julien Farel, lets us in on the products she loves to use and just how she manages to keep her iconic mane so glossy.

The NYC-based luxury stylist and his team have been keeping OP's tresses in check for eight years and now that his exclusive range of high-end hair products has just been scooped up by Selfridges, we can finally get Olivia's faultless hair from the comfort of our own tubs. 

Speaking of many of his clients, Julien reveals no matter who you are or how often we visit the salon, our hair will deteriorate. 'It's inevitable. As we age, our hair ages too – it loses its lustre, its volume and its manageability.'

Because of this, Julien has developed a range of specialist products that, when used regularly, will maintain that salon-perfect look, shine and texture in-between visits. 

Julien Farel

Opening up on the very products that he uses on Olivia's hair, the hair-mogul lets us in on her absolute must-have. 

Olivia can't get enough of Julien Farel's Anti-Aging Hydrate Restore mask. Created with fine and normal hair in mind, the nourishing balm contains fortifying minerals which penetrate into the hair to increase density, improve manageability and restore hair's natural body and luster with a weightless finish, attributing to Olivia's high-shine locks. 

So much so, that when the brand road-tested it's iconic serum on other clients, 90% said their hair was shinier and 88% said their hair looked instantly healthier; figures we can definitely get on board with. 

OP trusts the brand above all others, so it comes as no surprise that she enlisted the talents of Andre Davis, part of Farel's team, to create her hair look for her gorgeous wedding day. If that doesn't justify her love, nothing will.

The entire Julien Farel range is now available in the UK from Selfridges with prices starting at £16.

A small price to pay for Olivia Palermo's hair, bottled...

By Maxine Eggenberger

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