VV Brown’s vintage online store goes live!

VV Brown’s vintage online store goes live!

Sartorial songstress VV Brown has launched her long-awaited VV Vintage website, full of colourful quirky one-offs as stylish as the pop star herself.

The new crop of top-of-the-popstrels make our go-to outfits seem just a little bit dullsville. The witty, glittery, costume fabulosity of Lady Gaga, La Roux, Little Boots and Florence and the Machine leaves us in the shade.

Luckily, like a super-hot fashion robot superhero from the future, VV has come to the rescue with her side-project, vvvintage.com, a collection of customised vintage cool.

Not content with hit singles and prepping her debut album Travelling Like the Light (due out next month), VV says, "I get so bored; I just like putting my energy into different artistic projects."

Ms Brown, who recently rocked Glasto in a futuristic dress and trademark quiff, continues, "My house is becoming a bit of a Mad Hatter area of clothes, keyboards and weird things... Very much like a jumble sale."

We've got an eye on the "unique evening top with ruffled sleeves" (very statement shoulder trend) for £55 and the Grace Jones-esque embellished suede evening jacket, £60.

For extra quirk, try the Carlton-from-Fresh-Prince bow tie, £15 - hey, if it's good enough for Kanye West... And if you need inspiration, you can even play VV's hits through the site as you browse. We can't promise you get to hang out with Justin and Dizzee though...

Channel your inner Rainbow Brite and check out the vintage goodness at vvvintage.com

By Harriet Reuter Hapgood


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