S***, Which Box?! 9 Freak Outs We All Experienced Whilst Voting Today

S***, Which Box?! 9 Freak Outs We All Experienced Whilst Voting Today

'Uh, what's my address again...'

Ok, I'm going out on a limb here.

Anyone else find voting (and voting in today's EU referendum) THE most stressful thing since watching Monday's Game of Thrones? Yes? Or is this just me, and my ridiculously addled Twitter-junked brain...?

Honestly, last night (the night before the vote) I was so stressed out about either oversleeping or ballsing up my ballot paper that I actually couldn't nod off. True story. When my mother called to remind me to vote, I had a full-on telephonic meltdown:

'Mum! I know! I know I have to f****** vote! I know this. Aaaarrrrgghhhhh.'

It was like the responsibility of the whole country was resting on my shoulders, and my poor little mind couldn't cope.

And don't even get me started on this morning. The freak-outs upped their game, and started growing horns.

Sound familiar?

Here are the 9 'ermygerd' moments I totally experienced whilst voting. Holla if you agree...

1. Getting to the polling station stupidly early (jic)

Literally first one in the queue. In the rain. Like a keeno.

After 20 minutes, another voter.

'I was here first. Get behind me.'


2. 'Do I need ID'

'Do they accept library cards...'

Mild panic starts setting in.

3. Forgetting your address

You've forgotten where you live. You're sweating. It's wretched.

4. Forgetting your name


5. 'Tick one box'

Jesus Christ. There's two boxes?! What if I tick the wrong one???!!!!

6. The moment of truth

You're holding the little pencil. You are looking at two boxes. It takes roughly ten minutes to process the info... and even then, like Santa, you are checking it twice.

'Cross or tick?'

'Have I been here an hour already?!'

7. 'Is this the ballot box?'

Because any kind of letter box could throw a spanner into the works.

8. The awkward leaving issue

'Erm, is that it? Where, where do I...'

Cue British-style shuffle out the door whilst mumbling like Hugh Grant.

9. The relief

That's it. It's over. Hooray for democracy! Now get me a damn croissant...

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