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Charlie Bewley, Cameron Bright and Jamie Campbell Bower


We could hardly believe our luck this morning as TWO brand new New Moon trailers have been released much to the excitement of the all the Twi-hard fans out there.

For the first time we get a look at the dark and dangerous vampire royalty, the Volturi, as they discuss the fate of Bella and Edward, played by Kristen Stewart and the gorgeous Robert Pattinson.


The clip was presented to eager fans at the Twilight Saga: New Moon film photo call in Italy by new stars Charlie Bewley, Cameron Bright and Jamie Campbell Bower who play vamps Demetri, Alec and Caius.

Fans of the franchise were lucky enough to see a 20-minute film preview ahead of the film's release next month.

The second clip shows us a glimpse of werewolf Jacob, played be Taylor Lautner, battling it out with love rival Edward in the woods.

Both the Jacob-centric preview and the vampire clip shot in Italy include scenes from the wolf pack's attack on villainous vampire Victoria and Laurent, and a first-look at Jamie Campell Bower, who plays Caius.

See the Volturi clip here
See the Jacob and Edward clip here

In other New Moon news, special early-bird preview tickets are on sale for various midnight screenings, before the film's national release, so check out your nearest cinema for details.

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By Georgie Hindle