Topshop, Topshop, Topshop; you're going to have a lot to answer for when we empty our bank balances on your new Christmas collection... 

Kicking off the festive season in serious style, Toppers has joined forces with the ever-dynamic Cara Delevingne for the second time this year to produce its print and television ads and, needless to say, they live up to our already high expectations of the dream-team.

The high-street mega-brand has only just unveiled its party-season campaign this morning and we've already gone and maxed-out our wish lists. In the chic series of images, Cara can be seen rocking everything from a '50s feathered-hem frocks and gold flapper-girl dresses to a plunging black jumpsuits and tight lurex trousers. Shot on location in an opulent nightclub, if this doesn't get you in the going-out mood, nothing will.

In the video, the 22-year-old model is just as much of a delight to watch as she is to look at in the still shots as she proceeds to punch a disco ball whilst donning fluffy boxing gloves and juggles an array of glitter Christmas baubles rather impressively. That's one talented lady right there. 

With prices starting at a mere £6 and peaking at just £98, everything that you see Cara flaunt is not just the stuff fashion dreams are made of; it's all really affordable too. So much so, we reckon we've got our entire festive-season wardrobe panned out thanks to this campaign.

The range starts trickling into stores NOW, so you don't have to endure a long to wait to get your hands on a piece of the glamorous action. Oh, Topshop; do you ever stop giving?

We don't know about you but after seeing Cara do her very cool thing in the uh-mazing video above, we've concluded that we'd SO love to party with Ms Delevingne. We're totally free for Christmas parties and nights out, CD; just FYI... 

Check out the rest of Topshop's stunning Christmas campaign below and start compiling your letter to Santa, pronto. 

By Maxine Eggenberger