VIDEO: The New Fifty Shades Of Grey Trailer Is Packed With Never-Before-Seen Clips

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The hype-building team at 'Fifty Shades of Grey' HQ have revealed a brand new trailer for the film and it's choc-a-block with previously unseen scenes. Cue Jamie Dornan looking ridiculously gorgeous...

Just we thought we couldn't be any more excited about the impending release of the highly-anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey movie — which will hit screens on Valentine's Day this year — the team behind it has only gone and unveiled a brand spanking [sorry] new trailer to whet our appetites which features never-before-seen clips from throughout the film. EEK. 

Screened for the first time at The Golden Globe Awards 2015 last night, both the film's stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson (or Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele if you prefer...) were both in attendance at the ceremony as the A-list watched them do their very sultry thing. 

From her first meet-and-greet with Christian's family — the eagle-eyed viewers amongst you may be able to spot non-other than songstress Rita Ora sitting down to dinner, too — to some very girly chats with her flatmate Kate.

And, of course, more shots of the ever-gorgeous Jamie Dornan, this trailer gives us even more insight into what the film will look like come February 14th including this saucy little exchange...

CG: 'What are you doing to me? Where have you been?'

AS: 'Waiting...'

What did we tell you? SAUCY. 

Check out the new trailer in full above. If anything's going to get us through the next month, it's this... 

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