Video: The New Fifty Shades Of Grey Trailer Has To Be The HOTTEST Yet

Intro Deck: 

Just when you thought there wasn't any more of 50 Shades to see before it hits cinemas...

Ok, so we know there have been more Fifty Shades of Grey trailers than you could shake a tasselled whip at that have resulted in us being able to recite the opening monologue by heart. 

'Mr Grey, I just have a couple of questions...'

But now that the big release date is only a mere TWO WEEKS away, the hype-team at FSOG HQ has released yet another set of teasing trailers that reveal even more unseen clips and an exclusive tour around Christian Grey's bachelor pad.

We'll let them off then... 

The first trailer was revealed during an episode of the US TV programme Suits and gave us a proper glimpse at one of Dakota Johnson [Anastasia Steele] and Jamie Dornan's [CG] steamy sex scenes. Cue more shots of Jamie with his top off (not that we're complaining for one second...), plenty of caressing and excessive gasps and moans as standard. Check it out above. 

The second video is a behind-the-scenes look at Christian Grey's super-slick penthouse narrated by the film's director, Sam Taylor-Johnson.

With an air of slickness that mirrors that of an art gallery coupled with features that would earn itself a cover on the most up-market of interior glossy's, Christian's pad is the stuff of our housey dreams, complete with easy-wipe surfaces as far as the eye can see. Pretty practical all things considered. 

Go on your very own personal tour of the Grey residence below. Sadly, we don't have a key to the 'red room'...

What are your plans this Valentine's Day, then?

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