VIDEO: Kim Kardashian Has A Major Sex And The City Moment In Dubai

VIDEO: Kim Kardashian Has A Major Sex And The City Moment In Dubai

Kim Kardashian has played homage to the iconic Sex and the City series with her latest Instagram post-gone viral...

Kim Kardashian may have copped out of appearing on the Indian version of Big Brother (sob!) but that hasn't stopped the social media-loving maven getting behind the camera this week. 

The 34-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashian's starlet had all the fun as she arrived in glamorous Dubai with a strong entourage as she gave us a glimpse at her private and very luxurious suite. Give her some credit: It's so tough being rich and famous and adored...

Dubai we're here!!!!

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With her crew in tow, Kim took her selfie obsession to a whole knew level as she filmed a Sex and the City-themed skit which sprawled across her part-time abode. Oh, how the other half live. 

Set to the SATC theme song, the unidentified but seriously lucky filmer captures Kim and four of her gang as they strut their stuff along a tiled floor and marble-pillar hallway which then leads into a sumptuous living room where KK effortlessly drapes herself on a chaise longue before twirling up from the opulent sofa, only to head out onto a beautiful balcony that alone probably covers more square footage than all of our flats combined. Looking over the glittering bay from her bazillion-star room, Kim's winter hol is a far cry from even our best weekend-away efforts.

As the head of the pack, Kim is DEFINITELY Carrie in this scenario as the rest of her 'klan' follow in her wake. The clip is so well-timed and acted out to perfection, something tells us they didn't nail this in just one take...

Simply captioned: 'Dubai we're here!!!!', we can't help but wonder what she's doing over there that stopped her from fulfilling her commitments on Bigg Boss — India's version of the UK's Big Brother. We hate to admit it, but that's something we would have loved to see unfold.

We wonder what Sarah Jessica Parker would make of this touching tribute. We're currently awaiting her KUWTK-esque response... 

By Maxine Eggenberger

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