Victoria's Secret 2016: The Unexpected Show Stars

Victoria's Secret 2016: The Unexpected Show Stars
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Courtesy of Victoria's Secret.
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Our resident celebophile Joshington Hosts went to Paris to go backstage with the Kendall, Gigi, Bella, and the Angels and watch the show...

The Victoria’s Secret show is like nothing you have ever experienced. Ever. It’s like the Saturday night of a LIFE TIME with more glitter and diamantes than Cher has in her entire wardrobe. Who knew that was even possible?

With 51 of the world’s greatest supermodels strutting for their lives you would have thought they were the main stars of the night. You are however, wrong, silly! Here are the unsung heroes of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show 2016:

Bruno Mars’ Cuban Heels:

They were more than just a Cuban heel. These heels were higher than most gals ankle boots.

Awkward Reunions:

If you are going to bump into your ex you want to look mega hot. Handy that Bella Hadid is a Victoria’s Secret angel and spent approx 4 hours getting ready because she was faced with her ex boyfriend, the Weeknd live on stage. No hard feelings here though as the singer was greeted by Bella’s mum, Yolanda Hadid, as soon as he left the stage, receiving a very warm embrace from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star.

The Lighting:

The Grand Palais typically the home to Chanel’s epic fashion shows was lit pink for the occasion. Elle Woods would have literally died.

Vincent Cassel:

Aside from the likes of Dominic West and ermm Lenny Kravitz, MR Vincent Cassel managed to steal the FROW light and certainly made the most of his silver fox status with a stunning attempt at dancing at the after party. Hunky but niche.

Gaga’s Dancing:

Lady Gaga took to the stage in bespoke designs by Azzedine Alaia but the shoes proved just too much after just one song and the singer carefully took herself out of the spotlight the shoes were straight off stage right. But that didn’t stop the Queen of Pop, returning to the stage in EVEN HIGHER platform boots for a rather complex dance routine. Girl has got skills.

Audience Participation:

It’s a master class in audience participation, not even Brucie in his Strictly heyday could get an audience going like Alessandra Ambrosio can with the blowing of one kiss.

The Most Expensive Bra On The ENTIRE PANET:

Jasmine Tookes took to the glitter encrusted stage wearing the centrepiece of the entire collection, the ‘fantasy bra.’ Worth a budget friendly 3million dollars it contains 9000 precious stones and took the jeweller Eddie Borgo a mere 700 hours to create. Good job Jasmine has been down the gym lately because it weighs 450 carats.

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