Victoria Beckham's New York Fashion Week Show Was Another Adorable Family Affair...

Victoria Beckham's New York Fashion Week Show Was Another Adorable Family Affair...
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Victoria Beckham has just debuted one of her strongest collections to date but it's her adorable and very loving family we really can't stop swooning over

Victoria Beckham may have just debuted one of her strongest collections to date - take note, floral winkle-pickers are going to be HUGE - but it wasn't just the gorgeous clothes that put us into a swooning frenzy. Nope. It was her adorable family, who turned out in serious style to support the 40-year-old designer...  

True to form, her husband of 14 years David Beckham, took pride of place in his wife's seating plan for her SS15 show, sitting front row and centre.

However, he wasn't joined by their super-cute baby daughter Harper Seven as most of us thought (and, let's face it, hoped) but instead, by their eldest son Brooklyn who was there to cheer on his very fashionable mum. How sweet is that?


While David and Brooklyn kept their focus on the clothes once the show got underway, their day out together wasn't 100% serious... 

Just like the rest of the style elite who have graced countless FROW's this weekend at NYFW, David and Brooklyn found the time to take a fun selfie before the show kicked off. Boys, what are you like? 

Brooklyn Beckham/Instagram

If that wasn't enough to completely break the adorable-o-metre, this ought to do it... 

Before all of the chaos inevitably kicked off backstage, Victoria took a minute to share this sweet note which she had received from her adoring family, wishing her the best of luck for the show. 

Simply scribed: 'To Mummy, Good Luck, We Are Very Proud. Love, David, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper xxxxxx'. We don't know about you, but this is majorly tugging on our heart strings... 

Who wrote the encouraging note is a mystery to us but whoever it was has extremely neat handwriting. We're looking at you, Davey.

Victoria Beckham/Instagram

Following the major success of the show, rather than throwing a lavish party of all of her industry pals and contacts, VB opted for a more low-key affair and treated her brood to a hearty meal at New York's famous Balthazar restaurant. 

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Victoria emerged from the car first to reveal that was still dressed in the look that she wore to take a bow at the end of her catwalk extravaganza - a black long sleeve top and a green silk wrap skirt of her own design, obvs. 

Stepping out of the vehicle next was Becks, who beamed with pride as he followed his wife into the restaurant.

Our women on the ground revealed he was so besotted with Vic after the show, that guests saw him tenderly kiss the back of her head as she chatted to friends in a rare public display of affection for the somewhat private couple. And breathe... 

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Brooklyn also made his way to the restaurant with his famous parents, although he chose to arrive slightly earlier with Victoria's supportive parents, Jackie and Anthony, making this the most family-orientated post-fashion show celebrations we've ever seen. By far. 

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Oh, what we wouldn't give to be a part of this beyond-chic brood. The clothes that Harper is set to inherit alone is enough to make our eyes water... 

By Maxine Eggenberger

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