We Knew It, Harper Beckham Wears Heels

We Knew It, Harper Beckham Wears Heels

Is Harper Beckham the best dressed toddler in the world? Probably.

We’ve long suspected it, now it’s been confirmed.

North West, Blue Ivy and Suri Cruise might need to up their fashion week game because Victoria Beckham has just announced, that not only can Harper Beckham wear heels, she can probably walk in them better than any adult can, too. 

VB, who’s fresh from her latest NYFW show, told This Morning all about her only daughter’s fashionable habits. In the interview, the ex-Spice Girl gave an insight into her and her daughter’s shared love of beauty and fashion. 

Victoria, who’s rarely out of heels confirmed that her daughter’s obviously inherited her genes for conquering them, 'She's been able to run in platforms for a few years now! She can wear heels like most grown ups cannot.'

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'Harper loves beauty! I'm very close with all of the children, but the great thing about Harper being a little girl she loves to play with make-up - it's great mother and daughter time.'

Having three older brothers, Brooklyn, 17, Romeo, 13, and Cruz, 11, to knock around with has obviously rubbed off a bit, though. Victoria told This Morning, that Harper’s 'very girly, but she also loves to run around in the garden and get muddy with her brothers.'

Victoria also shared some insight into her super healthy lifestyle adding, 'I like to look after myself, and work out, drink lots of water.' But was quick to insist, 'I like to make the best of what I have. I'm not a supermodel, clearly! I’m not a make-up artist, I’m a real woman.'

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But her top beauty hack? 'Coconut oil. I use coconut oil, the kind you would cook with, for example, I use its all over my body'. When quizzed on wether David ever borrows her products she was quick to answer, 'he does, but he’s so beautiful, I don’t mind.'

She concluded by adding that she hopes her legacy will be positive: 'I would like people to think of me as someone who really celebrated being a woman.'

By Nellie Eden

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