Victoria Beckham Reveals The Real Reason She Won't Part With Her First Date Dress

Victoria Beckham Reveals The Real Reason She Won't Part With Her First Date Dress

After clearing out her wardrobe for charity, there was one item Victoria Beckham has decidedly kept for a very sweet reason...

Victoria Beckham recently cleared out her very extensive wardrobe and put the items on sale on in a bid to raise money for the charity Mothers2Mothers, which she has devoted a lot of her time to over the last few years. And, unsurprisingly, she came across some real gems during her efforts.

Amongst the likes of leather chaps and satin ballgowns, Victoria revealed that there were two iconic pieces of her past wardrobe that she made the decision to keep; one of them items was her wedding dress. The other, you ask? Well, it was another very important frock... 

While she may not have known it at the time, the dress she wiggled herself into back in 1997 would become one of the most iconic of her life. It was the dress that she wore on her first date with her now-husband of 15 years and the father of her four gorgeous children, David Beckham. 

Speaking of the pumpkin-hued suede dress, Victoria revealed: 'I couldn't give away the dress I first wore when I went out with David. It was a little high-street suede mini-dress.' 

Not only does the item obviously carry major sentimental value for Victoria, but she's got a super-cute plan for where she wants it to end up in the future. 

Victoria Beckham/Instagram

She went on to disclose to Stylist that, when she's old enough, she plans to give it to her only daughter, Harper, saying: 'I've kept that for her.' How sweet is that? 

The dress features a high neck, a thigh-skimming hemline and a matching belt with a statement silver buckle. While she wore the dress is question just over 17 years ago, it's undeniably sixties feel fits in with one of the biggest trends of AW14. Proof that when it comes to fashion, what goes around really does come around. 

Oh, what we wouldn't give for Victoria to bestow some of her hand-me-downs on us. One thing's for certain; Harper is going to be one very well dressed lady come time... 

By Maxine Eggenberger

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