Victoria Beckham reveals a possible Spice Girls reunion!

Victoria Beckham reveals a possible Spice Girls reunion!

Victoria Beckham has hinted that a Spice Girls reunion is not out of the question…

Although Victoria Beckham has her hands full with her fashion label Victoria Beckham Collection, and as a full-time mum to her boys and baby Harper, it seems that she might have time to squeeze in a performance with the Spice Girls!


Revealing this exciting news on a radio show, Victoria shared her love for the other girls, and didn’t rule out one final performance.

Vic said, “I’m so respectful of my past and I love the other girls. We have some fantastic fans. Who knows, maybe some day we’ll do something else with the Spice Girls. I would love nothing more. There was a lot of fun, we did so much together and we’ll see. If they’re up for something then I certainly am.”


Currently on her family summer holiday in the UK, VB and family are looking forward to the Olympics, with Vic revealing “We are so proud to be English and we are very excited about the Olympics.”

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