Victoria Beckham Returns To The Ellen DeGeneres Show And Boy Has She Changed

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Ahead of VB's appearance on the Ellen show tomorrow night, we look back at her last visit eight years ago

Victoria Beckham is making a comeback to the Ellen show, seven years after her last appearance on the hit US talkshow. And things have really changed for VB.

Back then, the fashion designer was still better known as Posh, was a mother of three, not four, and her multi-million pound fashion company only just launched. That's right, a world once existed where Harper Beckham was not sat on David's lap front row at a Victoria Beckham catwalk show. Mindblowing.

But they're not the only things that were different about VB all those years ago. We found footage of her last appearance, and… wow. Victoria has really changed.

First off, let's speak about the hair. Seven years ago, Victoria was still rocking the 'pob' and was a devoted fan of the hair straightener, sporting a 'do so sleek it could give you a paper cut. 

And a purple bodycon sleeveless dress? We know this was 2008, but seriously, can you imagine Victoria wearing this now? This was also during her famous 'no flats' phase, when VB's main USP was that she only ever wore skyscraper heels.

'I don't wear flat shoes. I never wear flat shoes,' she tells a flabbergasted Ellen on the show.

And while we've grown used to seeing Victoria and her family going en masse to Soul Cycle sessions in LA, this has clearly been a more recent development in her life.

'I don't workout because I can't get my head around what to wear to the gym', Victoria says to rapturous laughter.

Well, she's certainly got her head round it now given the amount of times we've seen her heading in and out of the gym wearing a vest, leggings, shades and a baseball cap. Oh, Victoria, how times change…

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