Victoria Beckham Proves She Has A Lot Of Love For Her Essex Roots

Victoria Beckham Proves She Has A Lot Of Love For Her Essex Roots

Victoria Beckham has made a conscious effort to set the world to rights after comments she made about her hometown received *major* backlash

Victoria Beckham has certainly come a long way thanks to her amazing career but the 41-year-old fashion designer caused outrage amongst her fans and her Essex kin alike when she said some detrimental things about her hometown. Yikes. 

The nasty situation unfolded while Victoria was speaking at a fashion event in New York City when the conversation turned to her arguably humble roots. Going on to talk about her journey from pop sensation and WAG to one of the world's most stylish women and acclaimed designers, Vic is quoted to have said about her past: 'I'd like to forget the Essex bit. It's not a very nice place.' To be fair, that's a bit harsh. 

Needless to say her jibes against the county didn't go down too well with the locals, and stars of the reality TV series The Only Way Is Essex were just a fraction of the people to call her out on her words on Twitter. 

One of the shows more well-known cast members Joey Essex came to the county's aide as he rebutted: 'I can't believe Posh Spice has spoken badly of us... She is one of us, she should be proud to be from Essex. I haven't got a clue what Posh Spice is going on about when she says our home is not very nice... I can't believe Posh would want to forget her Essex roots.'

You hear that, Posh Spice? People are outraged. 

Clearly unable to ignore the backlash that her comments caused, the mum-of-four and other half of David Beckham took to her Twitter and Instagram social media platforms in a bid to set the world to rights.

Happy Sunday in the sun fashion bunnies x 😉 x vb

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Her outreach to her fans came yesterday when she posted a snap of a bright pink badge to both of her accounts which featured the words 'ESSEX GIRL and proud of it!' scribed on the front of it. Captioning the shot with 'Happy Sunday in the sun fashion bunnies x x vb', it was clear that VB was trying to make amends after her comments about the town of Harlow; the place she herself grew up. 

Regardless of the fuss, Victoria and David (who was also born in Essex) have made every effort to keep themselves — and their entire brood — grounded; even insisting that their eldest son Brookyn have a weekend job so he can afford to buy himself whatever he likes without having to rely on his parents.

And considering her comments were *probably* taken out of context, we reckon we can forgive her... 

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