Victoria Beckham Learns A Very Important Style Lesson From Coco Chanel

Victoria Beckham Learns A Very Important Style Lesson From Coco Chanel

Victoria Beckham may be a fashion icon in her own but her latest style move is proof that she can still learn a thing or two from those who came before her...

Victoria Beckham has made a name for herself as one of the most stylish women on the planet, and it's not exactly hard to see why. At the helm of her own fashion empire, she's definitely got a knack of spotting a trend before it goes big and, through her critically acclaimed clothing range, she's helped shape what fashion is today. 

While we'd be happy to go as far as saying that she never gets it wrong, the 41-year-old star proved that she can still learn a thing or two when it comes to style when she stepped out in New York yesterday and did something that only the most eagle-eyed amongst you would have spotted... 

In town meeting with press and industry experts, Vic has spent most of her time dashing around the city to different venues and locations. Nonetheless, she's looked stunning every time she's stepped on the sidewalk. However, yesterday saw her sport what we reckon is her best look of the trip. 

Rocking a chic black lace top and coordinating sheer skirt, Victoria looked incredible as she made her way into a hotel Downtown wearing pieces from her autumn/winter 2015 collection. When it came to her accessories, Victoria opted for her signature black-out sunnies, classic black courts, a leather shoulder bag, a stunning opal stone ring and, somewhat uncharacteristically, a whopping bangle on her left wrist. 

Given the fact that VB's personal style is super-minimal, we were more than a tad surprised to see her rocking such a statement piece of wrist candy. However, it's something pretty special...

Taking to her Instagram account to give us a closer look at her bijoux, Victoria revealed that the bracelet came courtesy of designer Sophia Vari and it's one of only six in the entire world. Now that's something, huh? 

However, somewhere between entering the hotel and making a swift exit just a few minutes later, the bracelet had disappeared. Note exhibit A below:

While the bracelet may be MIA, we can't help but think that Victoria's overall outfit looks much chicer since she ditched the bangle, regardless of how gorgeous it was on its own. Proof that some fashion advise stands the test of time...

In a quote made famous by the icon that was (and still is) Coco Chanel, her simple advise still rings true; 'Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory'. 

Victoria, you did the right thing. 

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