Victoria Beckham Is Bringing Back The Plunge: Here's The 5 Ways She Keeps It Classy

Victoria Beckham Is Bringing Back The Plunge: Here's The 5 Ways She Keeps It Classy

Want to get that risqué neckline just right? Take a few style pointers from VB...

We all know Victoria Beckham is the queen of sartorial reinvention. Back in 2007 she began a complete wardrobe 180 from WAG to fashion designer by raising the necklines, losing the minis and going big on crisp, loose tailoring (though she’s never let go of those vertiginous heels). 

But recently we’ve noticed she’s been making a few subtle style shifts back to her early Noughties days – the spray-on minis and hair extensions are still well and truly a thing of the past, but we have spied the return of her old friend and Noughties favourite: the deep V-neck. 

Last night she channelled a 2003 J-Lo vibe when she stepped out for dinner in a plunging black sequin-covered top tucked into dark grey spray-on jeans and (of course) the heels.

A few days earlier at the CFDA awards VB walked the red carpet in one of her own Victoria Beckham designs, a sleeveless plunging silk top and full-length column skirt. 

Want to know how she gets it right? We’ve rounded up the five key points to follow if you want to embrace a deep V, Victoria Beckham style...

1) You can have any colour as long as it’s black

VB has never been big on the brights – with some notable exceptions her catwalk collections are still predominantly black, grey and white - and she understands that when you’re showing a lot of ‘front’ it’s best to keep prints and brights at bay. 

Here she is modelling the design herself in China:

2) If the bottom half is tight, keep the fabrics on top loose

Give a deep V an on trend 70s feel by making sure the fabrics on top are loose and fluid. Depending on how deep the 'v' is it might be worth investing in a roll of tit tape to keep everything in place... 

3) When you're walking through an airport, mirror the neckline with a  tailored blazer

VB has always had very strong 'Arrivals' chic. We're not sure we would ever need to get this dolled up to step off a plane (with no swarm of paps lying in wait) but we'll take the style tip. 

4) Soften cleavage with a side-sweep of hair

A sprayed up-do would make this look a bit too formal. VB keeps it classy with a soft, side-sweep of hair while those gobstopper emerald earrings bring the glamour. Bonus points for the cool wide pleats in the skirt - if it was tight all the way down it would look a bit 'Oscars.'

5) Balance out thin straps with loose fabric 

Old Victoria Beckham might have worn this sort of neckline on a really tight-fitting tailored dress. New VB knows if you keep the V-neck clear of jewellery and the straps nice and thin, you can wear a seriously comfy pocketed number and still look smart enough for a formal do. 

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