Victoria Beckham Has Bought David A VERY Romantic Gift For Christmas...

Victoria Beckham Has Bought David A VERY Romantic Gift For Christmas...

If a grand gesture is what Victoria was looking to give David for Crimbo, we reckon she's totally nailed it with this romantic gift

Victoria Beckham is a woman who very rarely lets her guard down. Ever the professional and always poised, it's only on the rare occasion that we get a sneak peak into her private life. However, one thing she's not managing to keep on the hush hush is what she's bought her gorgeous footballer hubby David Beckham... 

Instead of giving her S.O a watch, wallet or a new 5-pack of socks like the rest of us, VB has taken it upon herself to make this year's Christmas present to David a pretty grand one. And yes, it definitely wasn't cheap. 

It's been reported within art circles that Vic forked out on a very expensive piece of art for David's Crimbo. The piece in question? One of Tracey Emin's iconic installations from her 'Neon Heart' collection. 

The prolific fashion designer is said to have purchased the artwork from the White Cube gallery in London after spending 40 minutes looking at various pieces. After all, it's a pretty sizable investment. 

The 'Neon Heart' that caught VB's attention is entitled 'For You' and features the words 'I Felt You And I Knew You Loved Me' written inside it. Proof that she's really a romantic at heart.

It seems like Victoria has caught the art-bug ever since opening her first-ever stand-alone store on London's Dover Street earlier this year. During an exclusive interview with prior to opening the stores doors, Vic told us that she had deliberately left some of the space in the large shop open and would definitely consider pairing up will artists to create changing, visual experiences for her customers. 

The first of which has only recently been unveiled; this Christmas, she commissioned Iranian artist Shirazeh Houshiary to update her Christmas tree installation from the Tate in 1993 for her London store, resulting in an upside-down Spruce tree that hangs elegantly from the stores ceiling. 

Better get shopping, Davey; it looks like VB's gift is going to be a hard one to top. Our recommendation? Diamonds. Always diamonds. 

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