Victoria Beckham Has A New BFF

Victoria Beckham Has A New BFF
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Victoria Beckham and Lena Dunham hit it off at a fashion party

Victoria Beckham has made another cool new friend in LA, and it's none other than Lena Dunham.

The fashion designer, along with her husband David Beckham, met the Girls creator at a fashion party and the two ladies apparently got on like a house on fire.

After hanging out with the 27-year old writer and actor, Victoria took to Twitter to share a picture of herself with her new pal and the message 'LOVED meeting @lenadunham at the CFDA Fashion fund in LA x vb'

Lena opted for a nude shift for the even, while Victoria chose a semi-sheer shirt and flippy skirt from her own mainline collection. 

It may seem like an unlikely new friendship, but we always knew Victoria had a great sense of humour, and few are funnier than Ms Dunham.

Alas, Lena remained tight-lipped about her time spent with Mr and Mrs Beckham, posting no anecodatal tidbits on her own Twitter account. Which is a shame, because Lena Dunham is one lady who is good with words. And we would certainly love to know what her and Victoria chatted about.

By Olivia Marks

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