4 Sex Scenes In 17 Minutes?! Why Everyone Is Talking About Versailles

4 Sex Scenes In 17 Minutes?! Why Everyone Is Talking About Versailles

WARNING: Do not watch with your nan...

Sacré bleu! So, Versailles has gotten us all in a bit of a French flap, non? Mais oui - and we just can’t stop talking about it.

When the BBC launched their lavish new drama this week, social media went into meltdown over its seriously saucy scenes -  four in only 17 minutes to be exact (can we just interject here that we didn't count - some other sex-tallier did), including a dwarf inside the Queen’s skirt. Those crazy bed-hopping royals.

Suffice to say the £24 million production (yes, twenty FOUR - twice the budget of Downton) dramatising the court of Louis XIV in 1667 has already ruffled some, err, ruffles here in the UK. And quite a few racy encounters have already migrated onto pornography websites, according to reports.

Looking at the historic fact it’s not hard to see why. Turns out Louis the 'Sun King' was a bit of a hellraiser. In fact, experts say the grandson of a Medici had so much sex with so many mistresses, his family tree is a confusing web of illegitimate children.

Basically, he makes Russell Brand look tame.

As ever, Twitter was inundated with some pretty hilarious reviews. A few of our favourites including this gem:


...and someone with very real concerns about their gardening schedule:


And as for all those luscious locks...

A bit like a Metallica video?

Guess what, though? Versailles writer David Wolstencroft reckons the series is not dominated by sex. No seriously, hear him out.

David told The Telegraph that the 'honest depictions of sexuality' of women in the court of Louis XIV was not aimed to titillate. Which might surprise a lot of us - and maybe a few pornography websites.

He added: '...If you want to get titillated and count the nipples, go ahead, but that’s not the way that French audiences have consumed it...'

Puts us in our place, eh? Stop counting the nipples, everyone. Be a bit more continental.

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