How To Be More Selina Meyer From Veep At The Office

How To Be More Selina Meyer From Veep At The Office

Veep was a big winner at the Emmys on Sunday night. Here's why we should all be channelling the show's star Julia Louis-Dreyfus when we're at the office.

It was a pretty good haul for Veep at the Emmys on Sunday night after the show won a well deserved clutch of awards. Among them was an Emmy for the show's star Julia Louis-Dreyfuss - who plays the brilliantly chaotic Vice President (or 'Veep') Selina Meyer - who won the Best Actress award for the fourth time. 

If you're not up to speed with the show, season four of the genius US policital satire written by The Thick of It's Armando Iannucci saw Selina promoted to President and enter the pressure-cooker of The White House.

And because no job in the world is more stressful than being the President, and Selina from Veep is our hero, here's how you can channel the lady herself when you're at the office... 

1) When someone in a meeting has a truly terrible idea but you need to be diplomatic 

2) When you've snuck out for a boozy lunch on a Friday and your colleague comes over all sanctimonious

3) When you get sent something in one of those padded envelopes that sprays cardboard fluff all over your trousers

4) When you've got a massive pitch coming up and you're feeling confident

5) When you're too busy and important to eat lunch 

6) When your boss makes a really un-PC joke 

7) When the boring dude in the office asks if you want to go for drinks after work and you cannot think of a single excuse

8) When your colleague breaks up with her boyfriend and has a relationship epiphany

9) When you're having an office wardrobe malfunction but you're too busy to care

10) When your workmate's new boyfriend is a bit of a Flash Harry

11) When no-one has turned up to your networking event

12) When your boss asks if you're free to do a dial-in conference call at 8pm on Friday night

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13) When someone asks if a terrible ex-colleague is employable and you're trying to be polite 

14) When you accidentally agree to take on a big extra project to impress your boss

15) When you totally misjudge the office dresscode on your first day 

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