Vanessa Hudgens grows up

Vanessa Hudgens grows up

Teen Starlet Vanessa Hudgens embraces adulthood in her new film Sucker Punch

The High School Musical actress Vanessa Hudgens has seemingly turned her back on her cutsey Disney image as she prepares to strut her stuff in her new film Sucker Punch later this year. The role will see her play a prostitute, Blondie in a 1950s brothel, "so there's not a whole lot of clothes," Vanessa said in a recent interview.

And so it seems Vanessa had replaced her innocent High School Musical image with that of a foxy vixen "I think this is my time to really step it up and get to grow up," she said, adding "It'll be gun training, stunts, fighting and all that craziness. I can't wait. I'm so excited. I've wanted to do an action film for a while."

Looks like this will be a deft career move for the 20 year old starlet. Indeed Vanessa has turned into one striking young lady since she burst into our consciousness as a Disney princess and we just can't get enough of her sassy red-carpet style. Check out her hottest red-carpet moments... in our Vanessa Hudgens Star Style gallery.

And take a peek at our exclusive behind the scenes video of Vanessa Hudgens on her InStyle cover shoot.

By Beatrix Zwart


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