These Are The Most Unpopular Baby Names Of 2016...

These Are The Most Unpopular Baby Names Of 2016...

A list of the most unpopular baby names for 2016 has been released. Are Kanye West and Gwyneth Paltrow influencing our taste in baby names? Is it time to buck the trend and go for something more traditional?

A list of this year’s most unpopular baby names are in, and, in all honesty, they’re pretty mundane. The new study, released by Baby Centre, had analysed name registration data to discover which are the baby names most quickly falling from favour in 2016. 

In 2015 the most popular baby names for boys were Oliver, Jack and Harry, and Amelia, Olivia and Isla for girls. While those might sound on the whole like pretty normal names to call your children, we all have one family member who’s gone out on a limb and plumped for something a little more daring. In part the growing trend for more unique baby names amongst the general public is undoubtedly down to celebrities and their seeming quest to out do one another on the bonkers baby name stakes.

With Gwynnie’s rogue-choice, Apple, way-back-when in 2004, really sounding the starting pistol, it’s been a decade of celebrities sprinting to secure the next most original and wildly strange baby name. This year we revelled in the ever more creative choices; from the no-need-for-context, Saint West, to Liv Tyler’s new born son Sailor and Zoe Saldana’s twin boys, Cy and Bowie. 

Celebrity baby names: the good, the bad and the quirky

While Californian playgrounds fill up with little Ziggys and darling wee Shilohs, we’re in part harbouring suspicions that celebrities are making up for their own rather ordinary names. In fact, we couldn’t help but notice the majority of the names on the following “most unpopular list” belong to some of our favourite Hollywooders. 

The top 10 most unpopular girls names are, drumroll…

1. Angela
2. Beverley
3. Carol
4. Debra
5. Diane
6. Donna
7. Doris
8. Elaine
9. Joanne
10. Maureen

Diane Kruger anyone? Angela Scanlon, step forward. Donna Air– um, hello… Ok so not so many red-carpet Maureens spring to mind and Elaine, well, come back to us on Elaine. And what about the boys? 

1. Bertram
2. Cecil
3. Clarence
4. Clive
5. Cyril
6. Dean
7. Dennis
8. Derek
9. Duncan
10. Ernest

Firstly this sounds more like a morning roll-call at an all-boy’s public school, but, Clive Owen seems to be doing just fine living as a “Clive”. Then of course there’s Duncan from Blue and Dennis Rodman…

Ok, so maybe our conspiracy theory isn’t quite intact. But while we follow celebrities’ lead and eschew more traditional baby names, surely they’ll come a time when hearing someone call out the “Ben” from the register will be a rare and exciting moment. All we’re saying is that calling your future heir “Saint” might seem like a really unique decision right now but it might not be in the long run.

Take the furore that ensued after Sam Faiers called her son “Paul”. We’re expecting great things from the Dereks and the Deans, the Debras and the Donnas of the next generation.

Come on Deb. 

By Nellie Eden

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