53 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Friends (Until Now)

53 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Friends (Until Now)
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Hollywood is FULL of unexpected friendship circles...

You know when you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed and you see two people who you went to school with – neither of which had ANY time for the other back in the day – but now they appear to be BFFs, and you’re left wondering what on earth could have brought them together? Well, as it turns out, that happens in Hollywood too…

We don’t know how, when or, most importantly, why these friendships came about, but every now and then we’re treated to a paparazzi snap, Instagram post or red carpet shot of two stars striking up a union against all odds. And while some of the friendship pairings are, um, questionable, we kinda love it.

Lets take Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’s relationship with Princess Beatrice and her beau Dave Clark, for example. While it’s a total mystery as to where these two couples first crossed paths, they’ve been pals for years, even holidaying together back in 2013. What do they talk about? And where had they been when *that* Uber pic surfaced? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

The latest A-list pals to stop is in our tracks are Jennifer Lawrence and (wait for it…) Kris Jenner, whose friendship was caught on camera as the two posed in bed reading books together. Brilliant, yes, but it’s still so, so bizarre.

Check out more unexpected celebrity friends below, because Hollywood is a weird place…

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