Celebrity News, America Ferrera, set, Ugly Betty

America Ferrera


Celebrity News, America Ferrera, Michael Urie on the set of Ugly Betty

America Ferrera and Michael Urie


Poor old America Ferrera – not only does she have to wear some rather questionable outfits as Ugly Betty, show bosses have now taken it one step further and dressed her up as a hot dog!

The actress donned the oversized sausage while filming the new series of the hit show in New York.

But even though it looked thoroughly uncomfortable, good sport America managed to smile on-set, even when she had to be fed a banana by her assistant in between takes.

Oh well, at least she wasn’t the only one who was wearing a silly costume – America’s co-star Michael Urie, who plays Marc, was wearing an equally embarrassing hot dog bun!

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By Ruth Doherty