Tyrannosaurus Lexx: Everything You Need To Know

Tyrannosaurus Lexx: Everything You Need To Know

Looking for a laugh? Tyrannosaurus Lex, aka Lex Croucher, is hilarious on topics as diverse as dating, hayfever and Ed Milliband. Trust us - learn more about her below...

Tyrannosaurus Lexx

AGE: 23

PROVENANCE: Kingston, London

NOT YOUR AVERAGE: Tyrannosaurus Lex, real name Lex Croucher, has been running her vlog channel since 2008. Forget make-up tutorials, Lex is all about making subscribers laugh through her hilarious life advice videos (How NOT To Date is our bible). Lex has her say on everything from hayfever to gym etiquette, speaking out on very British problems to over 100k subscribers – this content is a little more PG than your average tag video. No wonder she won YouTube’s NextUp talent search in 2011. In typical Lex fashion, she said "I started because I was bored and I thought, 'Oh, I'll be really famous, really quickly. Now I only turn the camera on if I've got a specific issue I want to talk about”.

SILLY AND SERIOUS: Lex is funny no doubt, but she also uses her channel to spread the word on causes she feels passionate about. Lex is a commited vegan, and her recipes for vegan mac’n’cheese and peanut butter brownies have us drooling. She doesn’t use make-up tested on animals, and often has her say on issues like assault, equality and harassment. A vlogger with values, we like.

GIRLYASHELL: Lex used to post on a second channel, Girly as Hell, but since her main channel became so popular has focused all her energies into Tyrannosaurus Lex. As the title suggests, Girly As Hell focused on beauty favourites, dress collections and fashion hauls, but don’t worry – you can still see some recent buys in favourites videos on Lex’s main channel.

MUSIC AND BOOKS: Lex studied English at University, so can often be found sharing her favourite must-reads on Instagram and in favourites videos, including some surprising titles... She also covers songs on her main channel, which you can download straight to your ear-buds.

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