Twitter’s 2015 Was Actually Really Surprising

Twitter’s 2015 Was Actually Really Surprising

The most Retweeted Tweet, the most popular Hashtag, the most followed person + everything you need to know about 2015 on Twitter

With the end of the year comes the round-ups and now, as well as best-dressed lists, there are the social media stats.

We already know the most-liked Instagram picture and the most-Hashtagged word on the picture sharing app, but now it’s Twitter’s turn – and it’s arguably more interesting.

As well as the celeb selfies, Twitter brings us more – dare we say – interesting updates about what’s happening in the world.

We break down the #YearOnTwitter2015…

The Most Retweeted Tweets Of 2015

Guess… It’s a kind of depressing top 10, simply because it’s so samey. 5/10 are One Direction singers - yes, really.

1.    Harry Styles – ‘All the love as always. H’ on 25 March, after Zayn Malik left One Direction.

2.    Zayn Malik – ‘Proud of my boys the new single is sick. Big love. :) x’ on 1 August.

3.    Liam Payne – ‘Wowwwww 5 years 5 boys what an amazing journey I couldn't thank you all ever enough and thank you Louis Niall Harry and zayn for everything’ on 23 July.

4.    President Obama – ‘Today is a big step in our march toward equality. Gay and lesbian couples now have the right to marry, just like anyone else. ‪#LoveWins’ on 26 June.

5.    Louis Tomlinson – ‘Our fans support really has been a different class ! Huge love to you guys !!’ on 7 May.

6.    King Salman - on 29 January.

7.    Niall Horan – ‘Happy birthday ‪@Real_Liam_Payne .. Have a great day man .... Here we are making strange faces ‪’ on 21 August.

8.    Kanye West – ‘Please: Do everything you possibly can in one lifetime.’ on 22 September.

9.    Leonard Nimmoy – ‘A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP’ on 22 February.

10.  Caitlyn Jenner – ‘I'm so happy after such a long struggle to be living my true self. Welcome to the world Caitlyn. Can't wait for you to get to know her/me.’ on 1 June.

What does that teach us? One Directioners are serious Tweeters.

The Most-Followed People Of 2015

There was quite a big switch around in the rankings this year Though Katy Perry is still top with over 78 million followers, Lady Gaga, Britney have been ousted from the top 5 by some other popstars and a president.

1. Katy Perry - 78.3 million

2. Justin Bieber - 70.5 million

3. Taylor Swift - 66.7 million

4. Barack Obama - 66.5 million

5. Rihanna - 53.1 million

Harry Styles remains the most-followed person in the UK, but the top 10 is a pretty eclectic bunch of Brits.

1. Harry Styles - 26.2 million

2. Adele - 24.1 million

3. Liam Payne - 21.4 million

4. Louis Tomlinson - 20.8 million

5. Emma Watson - 20 million

6. Zayn Malik - 16.6 million

7. Ed Sheeran - 15.9 million

8. Simon Cowell - 12.5 million

9. Wayne Rooney - 12.2 million

10. Stephen Fry - 11.7 million

Who Joined Twitter In 2015?

When famous people join Twitter, the followers they get in a short space of time is BONKERS. Edward Snowdon got over a million in just 24 hours, and Caitlyn got the same amount in four hours!

We like Adrien Brody’s first Tweet: ‘Never too old to play...or join Twitter’, with a picture of the actor in a wendy house.

See how many followers they’ve got now:

Adrien Brody – 480,075

Alan Shearer – 294, 960

Brooklyn Beckham – 277,274

Caitlyn Jenner – 3,357,189

Chris Hemsworth – 1,372, 703

Diana Ross – 37,671

Edward Snowdon – 1,682,502

Jeff Bezos – 46,842

Melissa McCarthy – 353,234

President Obama - 5,372,452

The Most Influential Moments On Twitter In 2015

Twitter is the outlet for mass opinion-sharing, whatever it’s about. The diversity its subject matter is demonstrated in the very varied top 10.

At the top of the list was #JeSuisParis, following the terror attacks in Paris in November, which killed over 130 people, just 11 months after #JeSuisCharlie trended in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo.

#BlackLivesMatter, #MarriageEquality, #RefugeesWelcome and #IStandWithAhmed were the next most memorable moments, but so was #TheDress – that optical illusion that really got people talking.

What Trended In 2015?

Unlike the influential and important moments, the trending topics were all related to TV programmes.

The Most-Tweeted Emojis In 2015

This is actually quite surprising – as it will be for any keen emoji-user. They’re quite individual things, with even the meanings splitting opinion (is it clapping or praying?), so the top 10 includes some you may not even use. (#7, what?) 

We do like how positive it seems – like #Love was the most popular hashtag on Instagram, the top 10 are all happy emojis! Apart from fire, which is a mystery.

The Most Hashtagged Words In Different Areas


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