Turns Out Kim Kardashian Is REALLY Serious About Having Another Baby...

Turns Out Kim Kardashian Is REALLY Serious About Having Another Baby...

Kim Kardashian has fallen into 'too much information' territory yet again after revealing she and Kanye West's upped efforts to try and conceive their second baby

Barely a day goes by when Kim Kardashian doesn't let us in on some very intimate details from her personal life.

Whether it's the fact that she only washes her hair once every five days (yes, REALLY) or the over-share that she, more often than not, has a peeing-incident involving her Spanks, we're always privy to a new juicy tidbit from the 34-year-old reality star. However, her latest admission is BOLD; even for her. 

In the latest trailer for her hit TV series Keeping Up With The Kardashian's, Kimmy gets pretty vocal about the fact that she and Kanye West are desperately trying to conceive another baby. So much so, that they're apparently having sex 500 times a day to boost their chances. 

500 TIMES? Is that even possible? Taking into account that the pair — no matter how crazy they are over each other — already have to pack sleeping, eating, drinking, taking selfies, etc in 24 hours, that doesn't leave that much time to get close let alone hit triple figures. Surely she was kidding. Right? 

Her admission, however, confirmed what we've been thinking for a LONG time; that the famous couple are looking to add to their brood of one, North West. Just imagine the matching faux fur jacket and leather trouser potential! 

We have to say, it definitely looks like Kimye are still trying as they've been VERY handsy with one another since landing in Paris to see out the end of Fashion Month.

After leaving Kim's momager Kris Jenner as a major third wheel on the FROW of Balmain yesterday as the pair canoodled and kissed snaps have dropped of the husband and wife today with Kanye wrapping his arms around Kimmy's waist as they made their way into their luxury hotel. 

And don't even get us started on her super-sexy attire over the past few days; that sheer mesh dress? Yep, that's guaranteed to get Kanye's pulses racing (eww, sorry). 

Whatever makes you happy, guys... 

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