Turns Out Kendall Jenner's Life Isn't All That Different From Your Own Teenage Years

Turns Out Kendall Jenner's Life Isn't All That Different From Your Own Teenage Years

Kendall Jenner and her posse like to loiter around just like any other group of teens, apparently...

Sure, Kendall Jenner may have more cars than we do changes of underwear, a multi-million pound mansion nestled into the Hollywood hills and a access to private jets to take her across the globe at a moment's notice but, as it turns out, the 19-year-old super model is more like a regular teenager than we've previously given her credit for. 

In between promoting Calvin Klein Jeans in Tokyo — just one of the label's she's currently the face of — and adopting yet another adorable puppy, Kendall and her group of BFF's found themselves at at loose end. So, what did they do? They loitered around the streets; the pastime of choice for the pre-university teen.

Looking all streetwise in a white biker jacket, mirrored aviator glasses and a crop marl crop top, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians starlet killed some time on the sidewalks of New York with some famous friends in tow. 

In no apparent hurry — because why would they be? — Kendall chewed the fat with her parka-and-trainer clad BFF Hailey Baldwin as they drank iced coffee with friends. Then, out of nowhere, Will Smith's son Jaden popped out up out of the blue and joined in the convo, while looking totally fresh with a graffitied blue jacket tied around his waist. Oh, you guys...

While we doubt the group were heckling at passersby, this outing is exactly the sort of thing we got up to in our own renegade teenage years. You know, minus the Celine handbag.

Another way that Kendall is just like any other teen? Deep down, she LOVES a bargain. The proof? See the white trainers with the silver metal toe-cap she's sporting in these pics? They set her back just £20. No, we're not having you on; they really are TWENTY QUID.


From online fashion destination Boohoo.com, after Kendall was spotted rocking her affordable kicks a couple of weeks back the fresh white slides sold out almost instantly. However, we're hear to give you the good news that Boohoo.com has re-stocked its sold out 'Gemma' trainers in edgy black, and they're still available in all sizes! 

We guarantee these bad boys won't be around for long so you better get your hands on them before Kendall snaps them up in black to boot. It's only a matter of time until she's skulking around the streets of NYC in them... 

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