Malcolm McLaren dies at the age of 64 (pictured with Vivienne Westwood)

Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood


Malcolm McLaren, manager of the Sex Pistols passed away yesterday at the age of 64 from cancer. He passed away with his son, Joe Corre at his side.

Dame Vivienne Westwood said McLaren was: 'a very charismatic, special and talented person.'

Westwood and McLaren's son, Joe Corre, said: 'He was the original punk rocker and revolutionized the world. He's somebody I'm incredibly proud of. He's a real beacon of a man for people to look up to.'

Young Kim, McLaren's partner of 12 years said: 'I think Malcolm recognised he had changed the culture, he saw he had changed the world.'

McLaren famously established the clothing shop Let it Rock (later renamed Sex) on the King's Road with Vivienne Westwood in the early seventies.

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 By Pat McNulty