Jeffrey Tambor in Transparent

Jeffrey Tambor in Transparent

Mort is an LA Dad in his sixties. Divorced. Rich. Big house. And an even BIGGER secret that he’s decided needs to come out: the time has finally come to reveal to his children what has been burning inside since he was a small child — in reality, he is a woman called Maura.

Sounds familiar, right? The above could be describing Caitlyn Jenner's journey to her true gender, but it's actually the plot for the rather brilliant Amazon Prime show, Transparent, which first aired over 13 months before Caitlyn Jenner revealed herself to the world. 

Now? Back for its third series after a stellar awards season, Transparent has just announced that Caitlyn Jenner will be taking a starring role in the show, and she starts filming next week. Exciting news! At the GLAAD Media Awards, creator and executive producer Jill Soloway told the audience 'We are all part of the same community. A lot of the trans women who work on our show are also in her show I am Cait. Lots of crossover. Lots of friends'. There's no news yet on the character Cait will play, but we'll keep you updated...

Caitlyn and Kourtney

Previously, the Kardashian family have admitted to watching Transparent, the name a play on the phrase "transgender parent", together. Jill Soloway, of Six Feet Under fame (and whose own father made the decision to live as a woman four years ago – a fact that inspired the show) said, 'The lives of trans people are what's changing the world, and changing the world for Caitlyn. But I spoke to her, and she told me that she saw the show; and I talked to Kim Kardashian, and she told me they all watched it together and love it'. 

Caitlyn and Kylie

No doubt they drew comfort from the different reactions of Maura’s children’s and possibly recognised some of the conversations they have had with Caitlyn. Transparent a touching, funny and an emotional watch. We hope the Kardashian family got comfort, and a few laughs, from it.

Caitlyn and Kim

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If you haven’t already seen Transparent, we recommend it. You can download it from Amazon Prime here. And add these same-sex films to your watch list, too.