5 Reasons We're Desperate For Tom Cruise To Sign Prince Harry Up For Top Gun Sequel

5 Reasons We're Desperate For Tom Cruise To Sign Prince Harry Up For Top Gun Sequel

It would hands down be the best thing ever...

So we’ve just heard the best piece of film gossip ever. 

Tom Cruise is reportedly itching to sign up Prince Harry for a role in new Top Gun movie.

That’s right.

The Hollywood actor wants His Royal Hotness to be by his side when he digs out his aviator shades to reprise his role as pilot Maverick in the sequel of the 80s hit.

‘Tom has thrown the offer out to his team to hit up Buckingham Palace and get Prince Harry,’ an American casting agent is said to have told the Daily Star.

‘He’s even suggested the prince’s salary could be donated directly to his chosen charity.'

The 53-year-old is said to be planning to get one of his showbiz mates to help seal the deal.  

'Tom also hopes David Beckham can put a word in and pull some strings too. He knows it is a long shot but if anyone can make it happen it is Tom.'

Tom reckons that the 30-year-old redhead has what it takes to make the flick a success. 

'He doesn’t just want Harry as a gimmick casting but someone who offers real experience and knowledge of flying in combat,' the agent continued. 

'Harry has been on the frontline in Afghanistan, so he has the credentials to stand tall in the film.

'Not only is Harry qualified but his involvement would be a huge PR coup for the movie.'

Here's 5 reasons why we'd love for Tom's casting dream to come true...

1) Let's face it, Harry looks great in a uniform. We drool everytime he steps out wearing his military garb.

2) His awards acceptance speech would quite clearly be amazing. Remember the time Harry's notes blew away as he launched the Invictus Games in 2014? 

We're having visions of the same thing happening when he sweeps the board at the Oscars.

Yep, we have very high hopes for Harry's acting ability. No pressure then...

3) Tom might rope him into singing a duet.

Harry's older brother Wills proved he had a great set of pipes when he belted out Livin' On A Prayer with Bon Jovi and Taylor Swift at a charity gala in 2013 so we're sure the talent runs in the family. 

The awkward dance moves were totally adorable too...

4) A part in a blockbuster means Harry would get way more air time. Radio interviews, chats on talk shows, red carpet appearances... What's not to love about that?!

5) We'd get to see Harry being cute and coy whenever he's asked about what his granny, aka The Queen, thinks about any on-screen romances. 

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