This Olympics Presenter Handles Live TV Crashers Like A Pro

This Olympics Presenter Handles Live TV Crashers Like A Pro

A hen do crashed BBC Four’s Olympics live broadcast, then poor Dan Walker was interrupted by a couple 'reading a book'. Right

Poor Dan Walker! First, the presenter had his Olympics coverage crashed by a rowdy hen party (more on that below), and now, his live reportage was interrupted by a couple getting, shall we say, 'intimate' on the beach behind him. Social media alerted uber-professional Dan to the saucy shennanigans, and while BBC refused to zoom in, apparently the couple were just 'reading a book, in a strange pose'. Riiiiiight.  

If that wasn't enough, someone then relieved themselves in the sea, live on BBC Four. Yes, there's a video. 

Back to that hen party. BBC Four’s Dan Walker was getting on with the business of discussing some serious sports (did we mention we’re now second in the medal tables?), when a rowdy crowd of hens dropped by their beachside studio.

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Bride Maria, who’ll be wed in a month on September 17th, is actually getting hitched on the very beach behind Dan, and had a message for her fiancé: ‘I love you so much, you are my love, you are my crush’. A pretty tame message for a hen on the loose – maybe it was the fact that Maria’s fiancé was safely tucked up at home that gave her peace of mind. Watch the full video on here. 

She didn’t stop there. While Dan did try and swing things back to some ‘live sport’ (a bit of an understatement, Dan, it is the Olympics), but a lone male is really no match for a group of hens midway through their night.

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Maria continued: ‘I want to say, last thing, Fluminas is my football team’. Well, at least she kept it on topic. As for her take on the BBC? ‘Lot of money’. Oh Maria.

As Dan quite rightly pointed out at the end of the spontaneous broadcast, ‘You don’t get that on BBC One do you?’

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We’re sure Maria’s five minutes of fame didn’t take too much attention away from the Olympics, but in case you need a catch up, here’s all the best moments from the Rio Olympics 2016 so far, as well as the Olympics 2016 funniest tweets – this one’s for all you sofa spectators out there.

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