This Mean Girls Deleted Scene Will Make You See Regina George In A Totally Different Light

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Mean Girls may arguably be the most perfect film ever made but could this deleted scene have made it even better? And is Regina *actually* being nice?!

Mean Girls is a film that — let's face it, has helped mould us into the hilariously sassy people that we are today and just when we thought we knew every line by heart we've been treated to a brand new, never-before-seen clip of a scene that never made it into the film's final cut. 

And before you get a bit cynical, it's actually really good and would have actually changed the way the film ended entirely. For the better? Perhaps... 

We don't need to tell you — but for arguments sake we will, that Regina George (played by Rachel McAdams) is the leader of the brat pack who eventually falls from grace after the film's rogue heroine Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) orchestrates pranks and tricks that subsequently make her go from the most popular girl in school to being the social outcast. Then, after their teacher Mrs Norbury tries to set things right, Regina storms out and ends up getting hit by a bus while the blame gets placed on Cady, who followed her outside. 

Grounded by her folks, Cady manages to skip out to attend a Mathlete competition and then moves on to the Spring Fling. And that's where the deleted scene kicks off. 

In a bid to miss her parents who have come to the prom looking for her, Cady retreats to the girls' bathroom where she heads to the sink to splash her face with cold water. Then, as she looks up, in the reflection of the mirror we see Regina standing menacingly behind her, like an axe-wielding murder in a bad teen scream. 

However, Regina's reaction is far from that of a horror film as she and Cady set their wrongs to right and even manage to have a LOL along the way. After sharing a not-so-sweet childhood story, Regina actually manages to come across as sympathetic, which is probably why it ended up being cut from the final movie. 

Regardless, we LOVE seeing this side to the girl everyone loves to hate — proving that no one is made of plastic. 

Just when you thought you couldn't love Mean Girls more, huh?

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