This Is How The Kardashians Do Mother's Day

This Is How The Kardashians Do Mother's Day

Thought a bunch of flowers from the petrol station and a card was enough on Mother's Day? Not if you're a Kardashian...

If you're anything like us, Mothering Sunday looks a bit like this: pick Mum up with a bunch of flowers, take her to the local pub and settle down for the afternoon with a roast dinner and a couple of bottles of Sauv Blanc. It's a tried and tested formula, and it works every time.

But, if you're a Kardashian, then, obviously, Mothering Sunday looks just a little bit different…

This weekend saw several generations of the Kardashian clan pay tribute to their mothers - Kris got a lot of love, as did Kim, but something tells us that a bunch of flowers from even the swankiest florist wouldn't cut it.

So Kylie and Kendall Jenner got major brownie points for filling Kris's hallway with hundreds of balloons that spelled out I Heart Mom, and made sure that their Instagram feeds were filled with throwback pictures to their 59-year-old momager.

cuz she's a cool mom

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And Kris herself took to Instagram to let everyone know how #grateful and #blessed she was feeling, not just for her own biological children, but also for her son-in-law Kanye. 'I will never replace his beloved Mom Donda but I will always be here for him and love him like my own son,' she wrote on the social media site.

Meanwhile, Kim had to celebrate the day before, as she had to jet out to Brazil on business. But that didn't mean she didn't get the same special mother's day treatment. Not only did she get to hang out with her mum Kris, but Kim also posted a very sweet snap of her daughter North with her grandmother. That's four generations of Kardashian right there… yup, they're not going anywhere.


And Kanye West made sure that Kim didn't feel left out on Sunday, delivering 'a couple thousand' roses to her hotel room and later an orchestra to serenade her during dinner.


The thought's sweet Kanye, but maybe just a little bit impractical.

So sorry mum, but we'll be sticking with that trip to the local next year...

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